Freeze Protection for Your Pool – Omnia Outdoors

In the unpredictable climate of Texas, where unexpected freezing temperatures can catch us off guard, it becomes essential to take proactive measures in safeguarding your pool equipment against potential damage. 

We suggest running both your filter pump and water feature pumps continuously until temperatures rise significantly beyond 32 degrees. This practice aims to avoid the formation of frozen, stagnant water in the lines, which could lead to pipe and equipment damage through expansion. It’s the most effective strategy for typical freezes experienced in central Texas.

Many pools incorporate built-in freeze protection mechanisms that automatically activate the pumps and initiate water circulation when temperatures approach 32 degrees. The activation temperature usually ranges from 37 to 38 degrees, depending on the manufacturer’s settings. Most automated systems, including computerized automation and some analog (timer clock) setups, come equipped with freeze protection features.

Ensure that your freeze protection settings are configured to activate at 37-38 degrees. For automated systems, adjust this through the internal control panel. Analog systems typically have a temperature adjustment knob on the control panel near your pool equipment.

To verify the proper functioning of your freeze protection, inspect your pool equipment during freezing temperatures to confirm that the system has activated. If not, notify us promptly so that we can provide a quote for repairs. Inform us if all your pumps activate during a freeze; otherwise, we’ll connect them to your freeze protection system.

In the event of a power outage during an extreme freeze:

When faced with a power outage during an intense freeze, similar to last year’s extreme weather, the recommended course of action is to turn off the system at the main breaker for the pool equipment. Subsequently, it’s crucial to drain the pool’s main components, such as the filter, pumps, and heater, to prevent damage caused by the expansion of freezing water.

If you’re unsure about checking your freeze protection, contact our office or your cleaning technician for assistance. We’re here to help! (737) 257-4786

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