How to Hide Pool Equipment

How to Hide Pool Equipment

Your pool offers an aesthetically pleasing focal point for your outdoor space. However, the very equipment that keeps it running properly can offer an unsightly appearance. Pool pumps, filters, and other necessary equipment are essential for keeping your pool clean and functional, but they can detract from the beauty of your outdoor space. Luckily, we have a few ideas to hide pool equipment.

Strategic Landscaping
Landscaping can be a powerful tool for hiding pool equipment. You can plant pushes, shrubs, or trees around the perimeter of your pool equipment to create a natural barrier. Be sure to choose plants that are dense and tall enough to block the view of the equipment and add to the beauty of your outdoor space. Just make sure you leave enough room to get through for ventilation and access for repairs and maintenance. You can start drafting up landscaping ideas to hide pool equipment in your outdoor space, or reach out to us and we can handle it for you!

Privacy Screens
Installing a privacy screen is another effective option to hide pool equipment. There are many privacy screens to hide pool equipment on the market that can fit the aesthetic of your home, or you can also build your own privacy screen with materials like lattice, wood, or bamboo. Again, just make sure there is access to the equipment and space for it to ventilate.

Custom Enclosure
For a more tailored solution on how to hide pool equipment, you can consider building a custom enclosure that is specifically designed to conceal your pool equipment. This can be a small shed or cabinet. One of the benefits of going with a customer enclosure is that you can have it designed to fit the look of your pool and home so that it blends seamlessly with your outdoor decor.

Get Creative
You can get creative and find interesting and fun ways to hide pool equipment. If you’ve always wanted a greenhouse you can build one to hide your pool equipment. Maybe if you have an artistic side you can paint a mural that is in front of your pool equipment. If nature is something you’ve always been fond of, this would be the perfect opportunity to build a planter with some of your favorite plants as well. The ideas to hide pool equipment can be endless.

Underground Installation
If possible, you can also opt for underground installation of your pool equipment. It will most likely require a large upfront cost and more planning, but will offer the most seamless and unobtrusive solution to hide your pool equipment.

Strategic Placement
If you are planning to have your pool built, strategically placing it somewhere that is hidden is one of the easiest ways to hide pool equipment. Positioning it behind existing structures in your home will help to minimize its visibility.

There are plenty of ideas to hide pool equipment, and with a bit of creativity and planning, that useful yet intrusive equipment can be hidden to make your outdoor space beautiful and collected. To get the most out of your space, you can work with a professional as well.

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