Should You Build Your Own Pool or Hire Inground Pool Contractors

Should You Build Your Own Pool or Hire Inground Pool Contractors?

Everyone enjoys a little do-it-yourself project. While there are many things that can be done with a little DIY magic and online tutorials, some things should be left to professionals. As appealing as installing your own pool may be, this article will discuss why going with a pool contractor is a better idea.

Permits and Inspections

Like any other home improvement project, you’re going to need the right permits and inspections before you can get started on anything else. Although it is possible to obtain them on your own, the process of getting them can be confusing, and the slightest mistake may cause you to be denied or fail your inspection. When you work with a pool contractor, they take away this complicated step and do it on your behalf.

Quality of Work

A professional pool contractor has years of experience under their belt and knows what to expect, and how to handle issues that may arise. Nothing would be worse than building your pool and not knowing how to handle a problem during the process. Then on top of that, have it leak or crack while you’re trying to enjoy it. A professional pool contractor would know how to build it to prevent those mishaps.

In addition to that quality of work, they have a process that allows them to build a pool quickly meaning you can enjoy your pool sooner than if you were to build it yourself.


A pool company consists of a team of experts that specialize in different areas. There are the pool builders who carry out the task of excavating and building out the pool, an electrician that handles all the wiring, someone that can properly set up pumps, and more. Regardless of their specialization, it is important to note that they know how to properly carry out a task so you don’t have to struggle with it and put yourself at any risk.


There’s more to building your dream oasis than digging up a hole and filling it with water. There are additional features around the pool that add to its beauty and functionality. For instance, a pool deck to surround the pool and give you an area to walk or sit, or plants and grass beds to make it visually appealing. There are also safety concerns that they know to consider, such as a fence or cover to keep family members from falling in the pool.

Long Term Savings

The biggest reason someone would consider building a pool on their own is cost saving. However, when it comes to building a pool even the most simple of mistakes can lead to major issues. If something goes wrong and needs to be repaired constantly, you end up spending more on the long term. Having a quality pool that is built to stand the test of time will allow you to worry less about repair bills and save more.

Building a pool is a lot more complicated than one may think. Although it seems attractive to tackle the assignment on your own, it would be in your best interest to work with a team of professionals that understands the nuances of pool building so that you can enjoy your oasis with no stress or worries.

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