What is a Good Size Swimming Pool?

What is a Good Size Swimming Pool?

When the heat starts to come in, thoughts about what it would be like to retreat to your personal oasis will come into your mind. That feeling of a fresh dip to get away from the heat and cool off will feel more like a necessity than a dream. But you’ll probably also wonder “what size should my pool be?” and the answer to that might not come from an average swimming pool size chart. Instead, it will depend on several factors tailored to your specific needs and wants.

Today, we will go over the key factors you should consider to determine the perfect size for your dream swimming pool.

Available Space
For starters, the average swimming pool size is between 8 to 20 feet wide and 15 to 40 feet long. But depending on your yard it may not be able to fit a pool in that range. That’s why you should first consider the overall space you have available instead. Be sure to take note of any existing structures, landscaping, and other obstacles regarding your space. Although you can turn your entire yard into a pool, we recommend finding a nice balance between your pool and landscape so you can get the most out of your yard space!

Intended Use
Next, you should think about how you’ll use your pool. Take a moment to imagine what you’ll be doing with the pool to determine how big or small you would like it. For instance, are you going to use the pool for relaxation and lounging, or are you going to host parties and other activities? If so, you might want more space for additional landscaping and a smaller pool to compliment the space. But if you only want to use the pool for exercise purposes, then you can opt for a longer pool. Many rectangle swimming pool sizes can be as long as 50 feet if you have the space for it.

Regardless of what you’ll use the pool for, there are plenty of swimming pool shapes and sizes to choose from so you, or a pool and outdoor specialist, can get creative when transforming your space.

Your budget is also going to play a big role in the size of your pool. Larger pools are going to require more materials, labor, and maintenance, which means a larger price. We recommend that you set a budget early in the planning phase to help guide your decision. Luckily, there are plenty of swimming pool shapes and sizes so you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for your home.

Aesthetic Preferences
Consider the aesthetic appeal of your pool when compared to the rest of your living space. Your pool should be complimentary to your home’s architecture and landscape. It could also be turned into a focal point that takes the attention away from your home. For example, if you want your pool to look like a natural oasis, you might want to look at round swimming pool sizes. Although you could look up the average size of a backyard swimming pool online, when it comes to aesthetic appeal it would be more beneficial to envision one or have it designed instead.

Larger pools will give you more space for enjoyment, but they will also require more time and effort to take care of. From cleaning and chemical balancing to energy consumption and equipment upkeep, larger pools can be more time-consuming and costly to maintain. Be sure to factor in these ongoing maintenance requirements when making your decision.

Future Resale Value
If you feel like you’ll sell your home in the future, consider how your pool’s size will impact its resale value. While a pool that’s designed by a skilled professional will increase its market value, an excessively large pool in relation to the rest of the home may push away potential buyers. This is why you should aim for a pool size that balances out your living space.

Overall, the swimming pool size that is good for your home will be a subjective decision. What you need to consider will depend on your personal preference, your home, and what you have to work with. Regardless of what size you decide on, having it designed and built by skilled professionals will bring your dream pool and space to life.

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